I’ve been thinking a lot about visibility, searches and presence lately…primarily about how a small bespoke business like mine becomes able to be seen and found more easily in web searches , but also, in real terms about human nature…things seen and not seen.

time to think and dream in a bespoke world

Northumberland Horizons

This train of thinking all began when I looked into the many ways of promoting myself and my work to the wider public.  I was approached by my account manager from, offering me untold riches and promises of more work than I could handle, for a cost, quite a high cost as it turns out!

This was followed by a stream of advice and guidance from people I know via twitter, facebook and acquaintance. The consensus was that I would be better served by a few blog posts, tweeting and Facebook posts based around my work and the kind of work I do… carefully constructed ones and containing the magical keywords and phrases pertaining to my area of specialism and nature of my work.

Bespoke Joinery sure, But what next in the cyber world?

I did some research, my homework, and came up with a list. A list of terms and phrases that held some meaning and relevance to myself, my work and more crucially, to my prospective clients: carpenter, craftsman, bespoke, joinery, handmade, handcrafted, unique, quality, individual and design as well as localisation terms such as Northumberland, North Tyne, Bellingham, Hexham, Kielder …. the list does go on further,  but I digress. In short, I discovered a whole new language with it’s own point of reference, designed to assist with the work of gaining visibility, presence and a mention in a web search….I’m still learning and it will be a long journey i am sure but a worthwhile journey to bring my message, creative skills, quality standards and attention to detail to this beautiful world.



change of season, and a new beginning

as the seasons change, so does our outlook on life, the universe and

autumnal colour a change in the air

autumn dawn

this blog marks a big change in my life, so far, the launch of The Dream Stone & Woodworking Company…so I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of the people who have supported me in reaching this point, this change. so many people really, “everyone else who knows me” is the cliche, but that’s true for the most part…specifically, my partner, Paula, my good friend Flicky, my neighbours Paul and Fiona, my Mum and Dad, Terry at TWDA in Hexham…the list could go on, and on,  suffice to say, I hope, you know you’ve helped put me here, and right now because of all of my questions and attention seeking just recently, so simply, thank you all, lets see where this thing will go next.

as if further evidence of change would be needed, just check out what is going on with the weather today at

the winds of change are surely blowing  with some force today, I’m sure we can rely on them to change in their own unreliable way, and keep us guessing as to what is coming up next.

Here’s to change, cheers!

as we move on into autumn, the season changes around us..not always as we would expect!  I for one would have anticipated more of the cold frosty weather associated with this time of year, but so little of that has come our way, so far!

Friends in Canada and Alaska tell me we should expect a long cold winter this year,  and yet we are expecting warmest weather on record, this weekend as we approach all hallows eve and November 5th celebrations,  watch this space…or better still,  watch this one for an informed and articulate comment as the season develops…