Dreamstone Wood Working

We love to make unique, individual and beautiful things, small and large projects, simple and elegant or elaborate and ornate. The things you dream of.

Some of our most recent projects include; a carved stone fire surround, a 4 ½ metre round larch deck for a yurt, carved chestnut mirror frames, an ornate dovecote in chestnut for a fell-side garden, a one-off and unique kitchen to suit an 18th century drovers cottage.

Good Design

Good design begins with great ideas. And your ideas are our starting point, the beginning of a discussion.

It’s a two-way process, “it’s all done with people” so it involves lots of talking and idea sharing before a final brief is realised. Materials selected and finish to be achieved.

And to follow, we will keep you up to date about progress of the making and finishing work.

Contact Us

Call us, e-mail us or tweet us, it’s good to talk!

Talk to us about what’s happening where you are, what you can see over that hill, around the corner and especially, talk to us if you have an idea of ‘something’ that you need or want, and you are not able to find it no matter where you search, a dream to be realised.

Work: 01434 220617  –  Mobile: 07531075338


About Karl

Although this is a new venture, The Dream Stone & Wood Working Co has been around for many years, waiting for events to happen, and to change how I have worked until now, 2014, when it became the most compelling thing for me to do, my next step…

I have come a long way to find the freedom to be able to work in the way that I do now, I’ve been a journeyman, collecting skills, techniques and influence along the way. I always loved just making stuff; I trained as a mechanical engineer from age 16 and working alongside my father in heavy engineering.

At this time, I was inspired to go on gaining skills and ways of working, partly out of necessity but also, of wanting to learn more. And so I continued, gaining skills and experience as a carpenter and joiner, I spent time working in buildings maintenance and then with a local builder. After a number of years, I was fortunate in gaining a position as a sculptor’s apprentice, working on a prestigious riverside arts residency in my home town of Sunderland. This gave me a valuable insight into other ways of making and creating.

  • Freelance Sculptor

    Freelance sculptor in the business of making public art and sculpture

  • Carpenter / Joiner

    Tradition and skill, not much has changed in centuries when it comes to working with timber, because the raw material hasn’t changed at all. We still use old time skills and techniques using a timeless material to create new work influenced by new ideas.

  • Teacher

    Spent many years in the role of educator and teacher

  • Built to Last

    Creating high quality, unique and individual products that are built to last.

  • Artist in Residence

    Worked collaboratively, and solo, throughout the NE,  “a true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others” Salvador Dali.  Inspiration, all around us if you care to look!

What others say about us

William and Anna Charlton

Karl has undertaken a number of commissions for us over the past few years, ranging from large scale projects to smaller work, which require a creative mind and sympathetic restoration. Karl is more than a first class joiner, he is a craftsman, and a pleasure to work with.

William and Anna CharltonHesleyside Estate
David Howitt

I’ve got mixed feelings about your work, lad, somewhere between overjoyed and ecstatic.

David HowittBellingham

You are such a lovely gentle man to do business with.

RachelBaafest 2014
Keith Nicholson

So good to see you carving and doing what you love to do again, look forward to seeing pictures of your work.

Keith NicholsonBlaydon
Robert Hersey

Thanks so much Karl, for all of your work on our latest project. You approach everything with such thought and skill, you have the eye and heart of an artist.  Definitely one of the best people around working in wood and stone.

Robert HerseyWild Northumbrian