We love to make unique, individual and beautiful things, small and large projects, simple and elegant or elaborate and ornate. The things you dream of. Some of our most recent projects include; a carved stone fire surround, a 4 ½ metre round larch deck for a yurt, carved chestnut mirror frames, an ornate dovecote in chestnut for a fell-side garden, a one-off and unique kitchen to suit an 18th century drovers cottage, Japanese-inspired fruit bowls, wood sheds, tea light holders and an outdoor woodland shower enclosure for a local holiday company.

I wouldn’t say we can make anything, absolutely anything, but we do like a challenge! Your ideas are our inspiration. Coming up, we will soon be creating; a unique and ornate chicken palace using reclaimed pallets, a Neolithic-inspired round house using timber frame and straw bales with a star gazing window, a discrete and fun loft conversion and coffee tables using all reclaimed floor joists.


Good design begins with great ideas. And your ideas are our starting point, the beginning of a discussion. It’s a two-way process, “it’s all done with people” so it involves lots of talking and idea sharing before a final brief is realised.

Materials selected and finish to be achieved.  And to follow, we will keep you up to date about progress of the making and finishing work.

Materials and Ethos

Simple and natural materials, when the raw materials are as good as those we choose to use; making a quality product that looks great is a joy, a dream. That’s where all of our products begin. Beautiful stone and timber, natural materials that have been around for, well, for a long time.

The materials we use cannot be produced by a machine, so skill and patience is needed to work with them.  We work in very traditional ways and use time-honoured skills and techniques, and aim to work in ways that minimise the impact of what we do. After all, nature provides us with the materials we use, so it makes a lot of sense to not harm where they came from.

Of course we use adhesives, finishing products and all manner of fixings and fastenings.  Sometimes we can’t avoid the use of products and processes that are less than desirable from a sustainability viewpoint, so we stay aware of this during our making and designing, and work to reduce our use of them.