When I am making, I work with, and interact with the structure and properties of the timber.


:to act on or in close relation with each other

:to act upon one another

I love making, always have done and most likely, always will.  Making answers my need of creativity, my interaction with the world of physical things, if you will.   The magic happens when an idea comes to mind and you see the object unmade and unformed in the mind.

What follows is a process of taking all you know about structure, form, materials and techniques and applying them to the unformed notion of the idea.  Then the idea begins to crystalise and define itself, but still in the imagination, for now.

interact with the timber, look for its strength

traditional construction

Craftspeople take influence from the skills and techniques of generations of makers, for me, using these skills is a fundamental part of my work…but the process really comes alive when i need to acheive something that may not have been done before, or at least I have not seen before. problem solving, improvising or making it up as you go along…call it what you will, this is the part of making that excites me the most.  My making addiction.

the components interact with one another in the final work

detail shot, showing the joint details. Sacred Hearts benches.

Often, these answers and solutions can only be found in the process of making, I love to make and create, its not about the thing that is made, but more about what can be learned along the way…I hope the journey never ends.