sunlight: captured

Captured sunlight and dirt from the air…such beauty and grace, they surround us and support our lives. It still surprises me now, when i remember that something like 80% or more of the substance of a tree, or plant, is metabolised purely from the air we breath by interacting with sunlight…80%! just from air, or more correctly, from the carbon dioxide in the air… Carbon, carbon based life, just like us… the place we live wouldnt be the same without them,  wouldnt be at all without them..

sunlight through the canopy

lime trees

all of us, made from the same material and substance, star stuff! a bit of carbon, a bit of hydrogen and oxygen, mix and wait a few millenia and apply radiation from the nearest star, and, boom, look what happens when chemistry hitS the groove…its cosmic I tell you…

I would urge you to go out today and hug a tree, we owe them so much, it really wouldnt be quite the same if not for them,


captured sunlight

lime trees


My life and my work are linked to woods, as a place and a material to work with..they are a frame to my actions and activity, can’t help but wonder at the structure and nature of wood as I work, and make,  using this fantastic material given to me by, a tree…

Strong, durable, graceful and beautiful, I just feel very fortunate in being able to live and make a living from wood. and I hope that feeling never goes away as every day, I look for new ways to make new work with it.

A timeless material, worked using traditions and skills passed down through time, wood really is THE material from the past, used today and here for tomorrow, take a look at how it is grown, managed and secured for the future,

I will always love making things from wood, being amongst the trees, and sharing their nature and beauty…long live trees!


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A story told in time…