build me a shed

shed c/o

: to fall off by a natural process

: to take off

: a small structure, freestanding serving as storage or shelter

: a small building for the purpose of recreation and creation (this is my definition)

Sheds, popularised recently on the telly by a bunch of very passionate people on the look-out for the beautiful and the unusual, the unique and the esoteric.

And, wow, what a fantastic world of creativity and imagination they have shown us. Categories of sheds, sheds for all kinds of purposes, sheds that mean a lot to the people who build them and have them as a kind of quiet space, a place to be themselves. A shed can really be just what you want it to be.

A shed, for me, has always been a place where i can go about my business, thinking and making, a place of tools, materials, build stuff, trying stuff out and building dreams.

Photo 0529

My current shed is my garage/workshop/empire.  Small, but perfectly formed and stores all of my tools and equipment, my bikes, my adventure gear, work in progress and so much more. I could probably use a much larger one, if I’m honest but that’s a project for another day.  I have other sheds, smaller and more purposeful for storing garden tools and such, but mainly used for storing and seasoning of firewood for my home, a place of sporadic and intense activity…followed by a longer period where nothing much happens but cut wood getting old, and ready to keep me warm.  I  love those sheds the most in the winter.


Whats in your shed?