timber, the nature of wood

Timber,  lumber,  wood……  so many names for one material.  A truly remarkable substance,  it really does grow on trees!  A hard,  fibrous structural tissue found in the stems and roots of woody plants.  It has been used for thousands of years as fuel and a construction material.  That we continue to find use for it even now,  in a time of continual technological growth and sophistication,  shows what a timeless and valuable resource it is.  www.forestry.gov.uk/forestry/INFD-7M8FZ7

timber: a story told in time

annular rings in felled timber

I’ve worked with timber all of my life,  I have worked with other materials too, but always seem to return to wood as a material of choice.  Steel and metal, similiar work process, more resilient and more durable,  heavy!  Stone,  more similiarity to wood,  brittle and brutal to work with, very heavy!  And yet other materials too,  all have a place and a time,  I have made my choice.  www.en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/woodworking

I think and design in terms of wood.  I find the work,  the process and the material itself,  to be immensely satisfying as it allows me the freedom to create and design almost at will.  So long as I keep in mind its structure and properties,  I know I can make the things I want from it.  It’s organic nature, and lustre when finished keeps me coming back for more,  I impose my will,  wood shows me possibilities.  And so it goes on… my relationship with the material could be described as obsessional and addictive,  I know things could be far,  far worse than this.

And so,  my working in wood brings another fascination and obsession,  with the tools necessary for the work.  I wonder to myself as I slowly fill my shop with tools upon tools,  will there come a time when I no longer need just one more?  That day has yet to come and even now I reason that another acquisition will allow me to do more,  something I am unable to achieve now,  without the next tool.  And so it goes on,  tools for cutting,  marking,  drilling,  smoothing,  fitting and adjusting,  clamping and holding.  My tools are more than mere objects they are my means of interaction,  creation and realisation!  www.screwfix.com

quality timber used in tools

vintage tools

I love having the ability to make a living working with such a beatiful material as wood,  I get so much satisfaction from the process and the work and the finished items I make.  And it is so gratifying to see the pleasure my customers have when they interact with my work.  And all from a material given to us by,  a tree!  #lovemyjob