balance: finding

balance: A state in which opposing forces find equilibrium-

: a state of clear mindedness in thinking-

: awareness of conflicting views and theories-

: the overall result of opposing forces-

mixed media

temple decoration

Often,  I find myself thinking about how things could be,  but are not.  Life and its events,  seek and find a way of balance and harmony which pleases us,  or seems normal and allows us to accept how things are,  and act with confidence that certain things will happen when we act.  Until the unexpected occurs and makes us take account of what went wrong,  or did not happen…

I can still remember learning to ride my bike, and the moment when balance took over, and I flew along,  free from the constraints of gravity,  to move at will on only two wheels,  such freedom and anarchy in this new way of movement I had found…the memory stays with me to this day when I ride,  an energy and a joy which I trust will remain mine for always…balance.

As I work and make, dream and scheme, look for ways to make the things I carry around in my imagination..  I find balance and harmony in the labour and the process,  in the materials and procedures I use.  It is my eyes and my heart making the decisions of aesthetics and form in an object i am making,  until at last,  what i have made pleases me with its equality of form,  mass and material…

And in the living of life,  and the sharing of it with others,  harmony and equalness is a crucial thing to be desired and cherished,  to be taken advantage of but not for granted…without balance,  life would be chaotic and meaningless.  Find your balance…

devils bridge, a study in balance

the devils bridge was designed to reflect a full circle